Well I am sure I am not the only person who  grumbles about their computer and losing information and files that you have just been working on.

It is  REALLY  not  fair that the stuff that you typed into your PC one minute before you left your desk to get a cuppa, magically disappears on your return. I am not talking about one word document here, I am talking about the whole list of folders and files that cannot be easily replaced. If they can be replaced at all!

Thank God for our Tech savvy whiz, Rob, who after several attempts got my list of files back. Big wake up call for me, not to save documents on the main drive. Ensure the files and folders are saved to the part of the network that can be viewed from a variety of  places.

Cover your bases so to speak.


It has come to our attention that the Mundaring Scouts are holding their centenary this year. We have found a lot of information about the group and some of this information refers to Rev. Stratton, who started the Lion Mill troop in 1906. Newspapers of the time refer to Rev Stratton starting a Mundaring contingent around 1913, but it is believed the official registration date for the Mundaring troop was in 1918.

Some sources say that another Scout Troop was formed with students from the Mundaring School. Neither the Historical Society or the Scout Heritage Association can find any evidence of this.

Is there anybody out there that knows of a troop was which formed by students of the Mundaring School, possibly in the early 1900’s?

Watch this space for notification of the celebration of the centenary!


Nobody likes meetings, and the Historical Society is no different, however, we do have really interesting speakers and a pretty decent afternoon tea.

So for those of you that are interested in hearing about the Watheroo Observatory, please come along to our AGM on Saturday the 18 August.

Meeting to be held at the Mundaring District Museum, The Old School and Visitor Centre, located in the carpark of the Mundaring Shopping Centre.

Meeting starts at 3pm followed by a talk by Dr Fiona Bush and afternoon tea.



The Winter edition of the MHHS newsletter is close to being published.

It’s content tells about our visit to the Bilgoman Convict Ruins, the upcoming Billy Cart festival in Mt Helena (to be held  on the 28 October) and our upcoming AGM and General Meeting to be held on Saturday the 18 August at 3pm. Our talk will be about the Watheroo Observatory and will be given by Dr Fiona Bush.

Afternoon Tea will be served.

A gold coin donation would be appreciated.

Calling Volunteers

Hi All, our Society needs a volunteer to prepare and write our Newsletter. This is issued quarterly but it’s getting harder to maintain this schedule, which is why we need YOU. Currently it is prepared in Microsoft Publisher therefore experience in using MS Publisher would be useful however it is not a strict requirement.  A simple word document would suffice, we have people who are happy to do the formatting. Our needs are in the document below:

Volunteer Request for Newsletter Editor


Go on, you know you want to!

Over the Limit Part 2.

In concert with the ‘Over the Limit’ brochure produced by M&HHS, here is a video produced by the Mundaring Visitor Centre on the pub life today that can be found in Mundaring.

?? Come and experience the warm hospitality of the historical taverns and hotels in Perth Hills Mundaring this weekend and find out why we are known as 'Naturally Welcoming.'? Delve into the colourful history of these unique Perth Hills' establishments with the 'Over the (20 mile) limit' pamphlet, produced by the Mundaring and Hills Historical Society inc. to celebrate the Australian Heritage Festival….The Parkerville Tavern The Chidlow Tavern Inn Mahogany Creek Sawyers Valley Tavern The Mundaring Hotel John Forrest Wildflower Tavern Mundaring Weir Hotel Mount Helena Tavern

Posted by Perth Hills Mundaring on Friday, 27 April 2018

Bilgoman Well & Convict Ruins in Darlington

We had a great turn out for our tour of Bilgoman Well and the convict ruins in Darlington on June 16th 2018 - assisted by the glorious weather. Thanks to Fiona (Bush) for a fascinating talk.

We hope to run more events like this in the future - so watch this space!

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For more details, go to the State Heritage site.